Aadiservtra Multi Services Pvt. Ltd.

At Aadiservtra Multi Services - ASMS, we believe that 'To carry on the business in India and abroad of providing security / manpower services for a fees, to various institutions, banks corporate firms, individuals, center, state and foreign govt. and enterprises public sector undertaking / corporations / commercial and industrial houses, trusts, societies, embassies and other persons and to act as security consultants, advisors and security contractors and to supply watch and ward staff, armed gauards, unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labourers, gardeners, gardeners, houskeepar, drivers, electricians carpenters, plumbers, empolyees required in hotel industry, hospitals accountants / management trinees required in finance / HRD department, persons with specilized required in the field of survery, study, research and educational field, and all other type of workforce to all persons/bodies/ orgnaizations in india and abroad and make the arrangments for the training of the security guards and such other workforce and find the palcement for them after talking security deposits form such workforce to make them more responsible towards the company and the organizations associated with the company.

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